The Bold Life Tribe

Unleash Your Hero Action Circle!

More Clarity. More courage. More badassery.

Nothing gets you what you deeply desire in life than

bold, consistent action.

Unleash You Hero, your first Bold Life Tribe - Action Circle puts you into a deep exploration of what is true for you in this moment, helps you gearing up with the best tools and resources to forge the future you want, allow you to identify your obstacles and blast through them, opening to your unique path of joy and multiple possibilities... short coming into your true life story and your true power.

If you're not living your true life story, you're just living out somebody else's. Get bold. Rise into your greatness.

Come play and find out what you're really capable of...

They Got Bold!

"Boldness is courage in action"

“These Circles go so far beyond surface responses.

They help us take off the masks and create a whole new depth of connection”

Marisa Murgatroyd - Los Angeles


The best part of these Circles is living so much learning, not just reading about it or hearing about it"

Ashley - Calabasas

We just don’t often have time to think what’s important in life,

.. but these Circles give me time to think about the big picture questions. The exercises help me get clear on my strengths, my unique brilliance - and how I can bring the most value to my work and to the people I my life.

Scott - Los Angeles

"What’s unique is the format

and this is a really gamified, active experience -these techniques make you think on a deeper level than you do most of the time. Its truly an extraordinary process!

Ryan - Los Angeles

“I love these Circles! They get us to explore the playful beings that we are.

. It makes it so easy to open more. I love how we approach life as an experiment, which allows me to open up more and dive into the exercises freely and not get bogged down by ideas or by the past.”

Donna - Los Angeles

Wow! What insights I got in so short a period of time! It’s amazing how having fun can lead to such great insights.

I got a big kick in the pants to go for it, to own my gifts and talents and strengths! What’s unique is the whole approach that provokes us into playing a bigger game.

Marilyn - Calabasas

Supporting Each Other

into Our Dreams...

This is how to cultivate brave, fearless, wholehearted living...

Each Month we dive deep into a crucial element of our highest being.

In Winter, we grow our sense of fresh calling - what's alive for us now.

In Spring, we get into fierce action toward what matters most.

In Summer, we deepen our hearts, laughter and connection.

And in Autumn, we cultivate our Inner Queen - our noblest,

most sovereign selves...

If You Want to Go Far in Life,

Go Together...

Feel what it's like to finally live the life YOU want to live!

Only by setting aside time and attention will you develop the clarity and courage to ask for what you want, stand for what you need and embrace the life of love, creativity and calling you know is possible.

And you'll have the company of your sisters to have your back every step of the way...

  • More Joy - you will rediscover and commit to the things that light you up - which often get lost in the rounds of obligation, work and family.

  • More Connection - You will heal wounded relationships and ignite powerful, authentic, profound, passionate new ones.

  • More Calling - You will take weekly steps up into your greater creativity, self-expression and truth - and your world will change around you .

Hi, I am Mariela

Your Circle Coach - See you Inside!

Mariela Castillo is a Co-Founder of The Bold Life Tribe and Bold Women Rising. She is a long-time executive, coach and teacher of somatic, spiritual and mental self-mastery.

Your Circle Coach - See you Inside!


The Bold Life Tribe

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