Lead Women Into their Depth, Courage and Boldness!

Bold Women are SExy Courage and Nobility...

...and build a legacy busines you can be proud of.



You will learn the easiest path available to building a solid and growing business as a leader of men. There are 3 Foundations...

Foundation #1

We will show you how you can guide men through these Done-For-You Men's Circles and take men DEEP Into brotherhood, relationship mastery, self-awareness, success choices and the consisitent bold ACTIONS that ratchet them every week Into Their Highest Vision.

Foundation #2

We will then show you the template for growing your men's leadership business using all the tools available today. You've put in your work as a man - it's a good time to be compensated for your persistence - and men need men like you to step up and be heard.

Foundation #3

We will show you how to deliver, guide and lead these Action Circles with finesse so that men feel empowered, safe to open up and take risks, deeply supported and indeed loved both by you and the other men in the group. We will show you how to create a safe space for all.

" No more playing small!

“I joined as a Bold life Brotherhood because it gives me the content that I can use to run my own paid circles. I already had experience leading groups both online and in-person, but was ready to charge for my services. Men in my ongoing Action Circle have reported successfully working through difficult conversations with their loved ones, terminating relationships with people who are not helpful in their lives, and finding connection with people who give a damn about them, who actualy care. I also love connecting weekly with the other leaders learning marketing and sales skills to best grow and monetize my BLB Circle business.”

Rob Nugen - Tokyo,, JN

" No more playing small!

I decided to become a Bold Life Tribe Action Circle leader specifically for me because i have felt a deep calling to work with men for a long time, and when I saw Adam had something going on and called for leadership it resonated with me. I have done several programs and I know Adam knows what he is doing. I like it – it’s important - and I want to help lead and build this movement with getting men in action. FREDRIK KLAUSET, MANNHEIM, NORWAY

Fredrick Klauset - Mannheim, Norway


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